5 Easter Recipes to Make With Kids

This Easter, try out these fun and easy recipes for kids.


Little girl staring longingly at an Easter treat!

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Easter is a wonderful time for families to celebrate. The first signs of spring are in the air, inspiring people to once again head outside. It is also a beautiful occasion to gather together and enjoy an Easter meal. Many families traditionally eat the symbolic foods of boiled eggs and roast lamb, and, of course, enjoy chocolate Easter eggs!

Here are some fun, colorful, and sweet recipes ideas for you to make with your kids or grandkids. These five Easter treats will add festive cheer to each meal; even after these snacks are down to just a few crumbs, the memories of making something together over spring break will remain.

Easter bunny pancakes

Before the Easter events begin, start your day together making some adorable Easter bunny pancakes. The recipe by BBC GoodFood takes under an hour to cook and calls for a banana, blueberries, strawberries, and pancakes.

By arranging the pancakes and fruit into the shape of a bunny with a banana cottontail, even your youngest child can help. 

Chocolate chip muffins in flower pots

All you need for this recipe are flower pots, rice paper flowers, and the ingredients for chocolate chip muffins. BBC GoodFood recommends baking the muffins in the flower pots, which should take about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can have one child decorate the finished muffins while another creates flowers out of rice paper. With a bit of teamwork, the chocolate chip muffins are sure to be a hit at Easter brunch, lunch, or even as an after-dinner dessert. 

Candy bird nests

Make use of Peeps by incorporating them into this creative candy concoction. As found on Taste of Home, the recipe calls for pretzel sticks, M&M eggs, Peeps, and white chocolate chips. This no-bake treat takes around 40 minutes to complete and each child can be given a special, fun activity.

One child arranges the pretzel sticks like a nest and a second child can then add the chocolate eggs. These candy bird nests can be placed on each table setting and will add a beautiful touch to your Easter table.

Rainbow strawberries

Another recipe from Taste of Home, these rainbow strawberries will add a pop of color as a centerpiece. By melting pastel-colored candy, the strawberries can take on any hue your children desire.

After dipping the strawberries and letting them dry, you can let the kids make different designs with spreadable chocolate or Nutella. Some ideas include bunnies, chicks, or even spelling out the words ‘Happy Easter,’ with each strawberry receiving a letter. Your guests will be impressed to see your kids’ hard work and creativity.  

Candy coated strawberries is an easy recipe for kids to make.

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Carrot cake cupcakes

What’s a bunny without its carrots? These carrot cake cupcakes with honey frosting will satisfy every guest’s sweet tooth. This recipe from Vibrant Plate makes fluffy, moist, and healthy cupcakes. Fresh lemon zest and gingerbread spice add a zing.

In addition to mixing the batter, your kids or grandkids can decorate the finished cupcakes with little carrots. Or top them with a small chocolate Easter egg. Do not be surprised if these carrot cake cupcakes go fast and there are no leftovers!