5 Easy to Make Christmas Crafts for Kids

These creative Christmas craft projects will make your child feel like an artist!


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The holiday season brings joy, happiness, and most importantly, family time together. Once the kids are out of school, make something beautiful together. Christmas crafts are the perfect way to spark your children’s imagination and showcase their creativity. These five art projects will not only engage your children, but also prepare your home for the Christmas festivities.

These crafts are easy to make and are constructed from simple art supplies, including pine cones your kids will have fun collecting! As Christmas approaches, keep these crafts handy so your children can begin to feel the holiday joy. For years to come, your children will remember these traditions and they may even pass them along to their own families.

Pine cone Christmas trees

A thoughtful project from PJs and Paint involves pine cones, multicolored paint, glue, and any additional decals or stars you would like to add. Kids will love having a reason to run around outside looking for fallen pine cones. Once they have found a few pine cones in good condition, they can bring them inside, clean them off a bit, and prepare to paint and decorate.

These mini Christmas trees are a beautiful addition to your dinner table, front hall entrance display, or even your child’s room. Your house will begin to feel the Christmas spirit once these miniature trees are finished.

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Christmas tree ornaments

Another mini Christmas tree craft that will spruce up your own Christmas tree comes from One Little Project. These trees can be created with popsicle sticks, glue, pipe cleaners, and any other accessories your children would like to add. 

Let your kids’ imagination run wild by combining pompoms, yarn, stickers, or even painted shapes. Each ornament will come out differently, which is the beauty of this project. Once completed, these colorful trees become the perfect decoration to hang on your Christmas tree. When your children look at the ornaments, they will feel proud to have created something so beautiful. 

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Snowman slime

Although this art project is a bit messier, it taps into your children’s tactile senses and can be created all winter long. According to The Best Ideas for Kids, the slime only requires a few ingredients that you most likely already have available in your home. These are glue, baking soda, and contact lens solution. Once your children finish making the slime, they can create the snowman face on the outside of the jar.

This can be a great activity for kids to prepare on Christmas Eve before or after dinner. They will then have the slime ready to play with on Christmas Day and they may even be inspired to create other variations (such as the Grinch or Rudolph the Reindeer). 

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Chalk paint ornaments

An ornament that will make your tree pop is made from chalk paint. Children and adults alike will have fun individualizing their own jingle ball. This craft from Easy Peasy and Fun involves a quick trip to the art store to gather the supplies.

Once dry, kids can use chalk to draw pictures, practice writing, or even illustrate each member of your family. With a simple swipe of an eraser, these ornaments can be used again and again. 

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Marshmallow candy snowmen

A delicious craft that can be enjoyed before or after Christmas dinner comes from The Spruce Eats. Take a quick trip to the candy store to buy marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and chocolate chips, and you will be all set.

Your kids will love building their own snowmen and decorating them however they see fit. This can include adding a funny hat, different colored buttons, or a candy scarf. The snowmen can then be placed on the dinner table or eaten as a treat for dessert.

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