5 Essential Apps for Healthy Shopping

Load up your phone before hitting the store.

Grocery shopping.

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With the amount of apps on the market in the health and wellbeing genre, it can be hard to know exactly what to focus on – organic or local? Low-fat or sugar-free? And what about your child that will only eat French fries? To simplify things for you, here's our selection – choose one which speaks to you and your personal health goals at the moment, or give them all a whirl.


 ShopWell, the app which turns your phone into a pocket-sized nutritionist, by offering food advice that you can customize to your health goals. You can either browse grocery items using the app, or scan products while you're at the store for instant access to nutritional data.
PLUS: The app has an easy-to-read, color-coded rating system so you can glance, grab and go.
GET IT: For free on iPhone and iPad.


WHAT: The Eatery, which was previously featured on Goodnet, encourages users to take snapshots of their meals, share them, rate their healthiness and get feedback from fellow users. The app aims to help with diets, with an emphasis on personal eating habits rather than counting calories.
PLUS: Studies have shown that the simple act of recording what you eat boosts awareness and helps with weight loss.
GET IT: On iTunes (for free) for iPhone.


FoodSwitch, a clever app that gives healthy alternatives for tempting (but unhealthy) treats.
PLUS: The app has an inbuilt barcode scanner so you can use it as you shop, as well as a handy color code – green for "eat the most," amber for "eat moderately" and red for "eat the least."
GET IT: For free for AndroidiPhone and iPad.


 La La Lunchbox, a fun app to get your children involved in planning their own lunches. The app is filled with fun colors and sounds to engage the little ones and make healthy eating fun.
PLUS: Parents can add or remove healthy options on the app, and then export the ingredients into a handy grocery list.
GET IT: On iTunes for iPhone and iPad.


GoPure – another Goodnet favorite - lists restaurants by location, and rates their "purity" factor - how much effort they put into sustainability.
PLUS: Users can also share information found on culinary excursions about the practices of restaurants, turning GoPure into a growing archive of data for diners who care for sustainable food.
GET IT: The app is available for free both for Android and iPhone.