5 Fantastic Matcha Tea Recipes to Explore

Wellness benefits from the Far East.

Matcha is full of health benefits.

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Originating in the Far East, matcha tea has become a very popular beverage around the globe. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from specially grown green tea leaves that has a vibrant green color and a non-bitter aromatic taste and can be found in health food stores and supermarkets. Matcha powder can be used to make delicious and healthy foods and drinks. 

While all green tea is good for you, matcha is made from the entire leaf and contains a host of health and wellness benefits, according to Healthline. That’s because the tea has a high antioxidant content that helps to protect against cell oxidation and many chronic diseases.

Matcha also helps to improve attention, memory and other brain functions. With more caffeine than coffee, matcha can be your morning go-to beverage. Here are five matcha food and beverage recipes to start your day off right.

Matcha Latte 

Wake up with this rejuvenating and nutritious matcha latte from the Japan Centre. This recipe offsets the fragrant taste of the matcha powder by combining it with creamy milk – or a nondairy substitute — and a small amount of sugar. Just mix one teaspoon of powder, two teaspoons of sugar,  and three tablespoons of warm (not boiling) water.  Warm the milk in a saucepan and add to the mixture and whisk until smooth. Use cold milk for an iced latte.

Hot matcha latte.

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Healthy Matcha Breakfast Bowl

This super simple recipe from BBC Good Food mixes matcha powder with natural low-fat yogurt, maple syrup, and healthy fruit to start your day off right. Mix the powder, yogurt, and syrup together. Then top with a mixture of kiwi, peach, blueberries, and coconut flakes. Enjoy this healthy breakfast before you head off to work or school.

Healthy breakfast contains matcha, yogurt, and fruit.

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Matcha Tea Cookies

Indulge your sweet tooth with these delicate  matcha tea cookies from Food &Wine. The matcha gives the cookies a light flavor and a beautiful shade of green. You will need flour, baking soda, eggs, canola oil, matcha powder, sugar, cardamon, vanilla extract, and almond extract. Dust with powdered sugar before serving. You can store these cookies for up to three days so you can whip up a large batch.

Delicious Matcha Pancakes

Take your breakfast to a new level with matcha tea pancakes from the takes two eggs blog. The recipe consists of dry ingredients) flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt) and wet ingredients (milk, eggs, and butter). The eggs bind the ingredients together and make the pancakes light and fluffy. Enjoy for breakfast, brunch, or even for dinner

Matcha pancakes topped with blueberries.

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Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte

This layered Iced strawberry matcha latte recipe from the Wholefood Soulfood Kitchen newsletter combines sweet fruity flavors and the goodness of matcha. The healthy  latte is dairy-free, vegan, and can be made with natural sweeteners. You will need a food processor for the strawberry layer. It’s a refreshing and delicious drink that you can have any time of the year.

Layered strawberry latte.

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