5 Fantastic Reasons to Enjoy Pistachio Nuts

This little nut is packed full of benefits.

This little nut is packed full of benefits.

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Pistachio nuts are fun to eat but did you know that they come packed full of health benefits? Maybe that’s why people have been eating these tasty seeds from the Pistacia vera tree since 7000 BCE when it first appeared in ancient writings.

While pistachio trees are native desert plants, they are now commonly grown in California, Arizona, and New Mexico and are available year-round. It’s common to find pistachio nuts roasted, natural, and in ice cream but they are not as readily available as almonds, cashews, or other popular tree nuts.

While they are in shorter supply, they should not be overlooked, according to Greatest. Check out these five reasons why you should include this healthy nut in your diet:

Rich in Nutrients

These tiny nuts are high in protein (6 grams), fiber (3 grams), and antioxidants, plus they contain other important vitamins like vitamin B6 and minerals including potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese. That’s quite a lot of health benefits in such a tiny package.

Just one serving of the nuts (about 49) help fuel your body with essential amino acids and protein making it an excellent food for vegans and vegetarians. In fact, according to the American Pistachio Growers,  a 2019 analysis of the protein content showed that these healthy nuts are a complete protein.

Pistachio butter is full of health benefits.

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Helps Promote Heart Health

Pistachio nuts may reduce your risk of heart disease because they are rich in antioxidants, according to Healthline, and could help lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure. A study of 32 young men followed a Mediterranean diet that added pistachios in place of its monounsaturated fat content. After 4 weeks, the participants experienced a 23 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol and a 14 percent reduction in triglycerides. This translates to better heart health.

Pistachio nut cookies are healthy snacks.

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Safe for Diabetics 

These nuts have a low glycemic index and do not cause a blood sugar spike according  to Greatest. Pistachios might even minimize the effects of eating high carb foods. A 2011 study in Nature suggested that eating them alongside heavy carb foods like pasta or bread helped maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

Just picked pistachio nuts.

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Could Help You Sleep Better

Can’t get to sleep? Try eating pistachios as a bedtime snack. These little nuts contain more melatonin – the sleep hormone –  than any other nut. So indulge your taste buds and catch some extra Zzzs.

Pistachio nut ice cream is a go-to treat.

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Aids Good Gut Health

Eating enough fiber daily keeps you regular and boosts the microbiome – the good bacteria – in your gut. Pistachio nuts are packed 3 grams of gut health boosting fiber and taste so much better than fiber supplements. Enjoy a serving of these helpful little nuts every day.

Pistachio nuts are a superfood.

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