5 Father’s Day Traditions from Around the World [LIST]

Learn about other cultures that celebrate their dads

Jun 15, 2014

Father’s Day is widely known as an American holiday occurring every year on the third Sunday in June. While Father’s Day gained momentum in the early twentieth century as a complement to Mother’s Day, the event has origins dating back 4,000 years ago to Babylon. A day to honor fathers and grandfathers has become commonplace in most countries around the world, with beautiful and varying traditions which you can learn about below.

WHEN: December 5
TRADITIONS: Father’s Day falls on the same day as the birthday of King Bhumbibol Adulyade, who is considered the Father of the Nation. Initially, people wore yellow and presented their dads with a canna flower which is considered to be a masculine flower. A few years ago though the tradition switched to wearing pink, inspired by the King’s rose colored jacket.

The traditional canna flower presented on Father's Day. Image from Shutterstock

WHEN: Third Sunday of June
TRADITION: On Dia del Padre, Dads get physical with a city-wide 21km race - Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan- taking place in Mexico City.

Image from Shutterstock

WHEN: Second Sunday of August
TRADITION: Called Dia dos Pais, Father’s Day in Brazil is all about the meat. Families gather together for all-you-can-eat barbeques or churrascos either at home or at a Brazilian steakhouse, a churrascaria.

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WHEN: Third Sunday of June
TRADITION: Chichi No Hi or Father’s Day in Japanese is a time where kids present their dads with homemade gifts ranging from origami, beer glasses or sweets.  The meal is usually celebrated by serving seafood.

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WHEN: Sixth Sunday after Easter
TRADITION: Also known as Vatertag, German men take a load off by indulging in fine beers and liquors – gathering together outside to celebrate and have fun. The tradition is part of Männertag or man’s day in which its common to do an all-male hike and celebrate with alcohol.

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