5 Foods With Amazing Probiotic Benefits

Improving gut health is within reach with these dietician approved foods.

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Not all bacteria is created equal. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are actually good for you. Probiotics can be great for your gut health and digestive system and may help with conditions such as colic, IBS, Crohn’s disease, lactose intolerance and constipation, according to WebMD

Even if someone doesn’t suffer from a chronic digestive condition, probiotics can be highly beneficial. As gut health continues to become more of a priority to more and more people and as research continues to emerge on the nutritional benefits of probiotics, you might want to include the following doctor approved foods for better gut health.


Originally from Asian countries, kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweet black or green tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. Raw kombucha contains lactic acid bacteria which may contain probiotic functions, according to Good Housekeeping. And although there is limited data on kombucha tea, The Mayo Clinic suggests that it may give benefits similar to probiotic supplements. It may also help support a healthy immune system. So if you are thirsty, perhaps subbing a soda or iced tea with kombucha can be a great idea for you.



Did you know that pickles can be a great source of probiotics? Store bought pickles come in many varieties. Some are made from cucumbers and vinegar, which doesn’t necessarily mean it leads to fermentation, says Good Housekeeping. It is best to choose ‘lactic acid fermented pickles’ which are made from healthier and more natural ingredients.

Because raw pickles are incredibly healthy, some people choose to make their own at home. Health coach Traci D. Mitchel recommends on her blog fermenting your own pickles and vegetables and even has a step by step guide so you can do it yourself. She explains that the immune system is influenced by the health of your gut, and that it's important to constantly recharge with gut friendly bacteria.



Kimchi is another amazing source of probiotics that, just like Kombucha, has its Asian origins. This spicy Korean dish is usually made with fermented cabbage but can be made from other vegetables as well. Kimchi is spiced with garlic, salt, scallions and other savory spices. According to Healthline, Kimchi is also a great source of iron and other vitamins and minerals in addition to its probiotic nutritional content.

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This will be great news for cheese lovers worldwide. Sone types of cheeses are a great source of probiotics and can benefit your digestive system’s health. A study conducted by Harvard University Medical School revealed that some soft and hard cheeses such as swiss, provolone, edam, cottage, gruyere and cheddar are included in this list, as probiotics can usually be found in cheeses that were aged but not heated afterwards.

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Although not all yogurt contains probiotics, many do. It happens to be one of the best sources of probiotics you can find, often recommended by doctors to take together with antibiotics when someone is sick. Yogurt is an amazing source of protein and nutrients including calcium and vitamin D, and according to Medical News Today, can offer protection for bones and teeth and help with digestive problems. 

The best probiotic yogurt is the one that says “live and active cultures” on the label, according to Good Housekeeping. Make sure to look out for that and for the International Dairy Foods Association seal to check the probiotic content of the yogurt of your choice.

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