5 Games to Challenge How Well You Know the World [LIST]

Geography quizzes ahoy [LIST]


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A globe showing the countries of the world.

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Whether you live in the US or Down Under, in Asia or Africa, Europe or South America, this fun collection of games will get you thinking and challenge what you thought you knew about the world around us. A word to the wise: some of them can be quite addictive so don't get started unless you've got time to spare.


This simple yet incredibly humbling game challenges you to identify countries across the African continent – on the clock. Start off with the 20-country challenge, or if you're super-confident you can skip straight to 49 countries, no hints. Not as easy as it sounds.
BONUS: Move your mouse around the map for tips.


In each round of Geoguessr, guess the location of five random scenes from Google Maps “Street View” around the world and earn points based on your vicinity to the correct answer. People with serious travel experience – or a penchant for travel shows – will love this game.
BONUS: Be sure to scan the entire 360 degrees before you guess, and keep an eye out for clues like the language on street signs or hidden flags.


National Geographic puts out two new GeoBee quizzes daily – apprentice and expert. The multiple choice game will take you back to your school days, covering world geography and history in 10 questions.
BONUS: Points are tallied on time – so think fast.


While it's not technically a geography game, the Great Language Game will open your eyes – and your ears – to the sounds of the world. The game challenges you to distinguish between 90 different languages, with multiple choice questions getting harder and harder as the game goes on.
BONUS: Don't miss the informative data on the languages missed at the end of each round.


This geography quiz is a bit of a change of pace from the usual eye-opening videos and holiday fun from our friends at Buzzfeed – and it's great. The 20 questions cover topics such as flags, land area and capital cities, in a colorful graphic format.
BONUS: Share your results on social media and challenge friends to beat your score.