5 Herbal Teas to Cool You Down

Help beat the heat with these cooling herbs.


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Enjoy an herbal iced tea to cool you down.

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This summer is hot. But there are ways that can help you beat the heat.  Drinking a refreshing iced herbal tea is a perfect way to cool you down fast, especially if you have been exercising outdoors.

Herbs are traditionally classified as heating or cooling, according to Healthline. The herbs are also classified as refrigerants that can cool your body down  or diaphoretics that encourage your body to sweat.

Some herbal teas like mint, lemongrass, and chamomile are excellent for cooling your body temperature down. Many also come with a number of other health benefits. So instead of reaching for a carbonated drink, reach for an herbal tea instead.

Mint Tea

Mint contains menthol which interacts with and causes a refreshing and cooling sensation, according to mindbodygreen. That’s why drinking peppermint and spearmint tea can cool you down. But mint comes with a host of other benefits and hot mint tea is a way to help relieve the symptoms of allergies or a summer cold. Mint can also help ease gastro symptoms and nausea.

Use fresh mint for tea.

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Nettle Tea

Iced nettle tea can help you beat the heat and the humidity. This herb has been used for centuries as  a diuretic. Drinking nettle tea can help with water retention from the hot weather, and has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce blood pressure.

Nettle is a cooling herb.

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Hibiscus Tea

This bright red herb can offer cooling comfort from the heat, according to Slurrp, a blog dedicated to foodies. Hibiscus also acts as a diuretic and helps to keep you hydrated. The best way to make hibiscus iced tea is to brew dried hibiscus flower petals, dried rosehips, dried chamomile and cinnamon. After allowing the flowers to steep, allow it to cool, add ice, and enjoy.

Hibiscus iced tea can cool you down in the summer.

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Green Tea

While green tea is not considered herbal and contains caffeine, it is still a refreshing and body cooling drink. You can use decaffeinated if desired. While some people don’t enjoy the taste of green tea, you can purchase combinations with mint, lemon, or honey. Or you can make your own by brewing green tea with fresh or dried herbs.

Brewing healthy green tea.

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This powerful herb is also known for its ability to cool you down as well as aid skin irritations like sunburns, according to Healthline. Lemongrass has a refreshing citrusy scent and flavor. That’s why it is used in South Asian cooking, in aromatherapy, and as a healing hot or iced tea.

Use dried lemongrass in tea.

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