5 Incredibly Addictive Mind-Bending Online Games

Warning: Don't click if you're on a deadline

Playing online f=games.

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This collection of online games needs little introduction – they're all fun, challenging, educational and most of all seriously addictive. Clear up some time in your schedule and enjoy.


WHAT: 100 Most Common English Words, hosted by the quiz site Quizicon, gives you five minutes to guess the 100 most common words in the English language. Sounds simple – and it is – but it's also surprisingly challenging and educational.
WHO: Word worms from ages 8 + will enjoy this game.


WHAT: Typeracer lets you race with other players, typing quotes from classic books, movies and songs as fast and as accurately as you can. At the end of each round, you find out your average speed, time and accuracy rating, as well as the source of the quote. A word of warning – the "race again" button is incredibly alluring.
WHO: Anyone who can type. On your marks, get set, go!


WHAT: Based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, the Online Color Challenge has you dragging colored squares into hue order. You'll be surprised at how many different hues of pink there really are – and how similar (or different) they seem.
WHO: One in 255 women and one in 12 men have some form of color deficiency – are you one of them? Take the test and find out.


WHAT: In each round of Geoguessr, guess the location of five random scenes from Google Maps “Street View” around the world. Points are tallied on vicinity to the correct answer. Be sure to scan the entire 360 degrees before you guess, and keep an eye out for clues like the language on street signs or hidden flags.
WHO: People with serious travel experience – or a penchant for travel shows – will love this game.


WHAT: The Great Language Game challenges you to distinguish between 90 different languages, with multiple choice questions getting harder and harder as the game goes on. For bonus educational value, we love the informative data on the languages missed at the end of each round.
WHO: This is another great game for travelers, along with the lucky people who have a natural ear for languages.