5 Indoor Games to Play with Family this Winter

Discover the joy these timeless games can bring.



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There is something magical about the cold winter months especially when you are keeping warm and cozy indoors with your loved ones. And what better way to spend time together than with some fun and bonding indoor games. Games can be more than just entertainment. They can be a gateway to laughter, learning and lasting memories. So, gather round the table with your favorite warm drinks and try some of these indoor games with your family and friends. 

Got any budding artists at home? This game is a classic and fun for kids and adults of almost all ages. All you do is make teams, grab some paper and pens. You can then either use the real Pictionary cards or go the DIY route, creating your own cards. Good Housekeeping recommends writing your own song or movie titles for guaranteed fun!

Obstacle course
Are you a parent of any active little ones (or big ones)? This one's for you! Obstacle courses can be a great physical activity, and you don't need any special equipment besides what you already have at home. The Begin Learning website recommends looking around your home and thinking about what can be used as obstacles such as , chairs, couch pillows and blankets placed in strategic places. Don’t forget to get the whole family involved in creating the obstacle course as well as playing in it once it's ready. And of course, cleaning it up after!

Escape rooms
Have you ever been to an escape room? Whether you have or you haven’t, the escape room craze is far from over, with options to order your own home escape room kits! You can even find some online free printable escape room options to try out for hours of thinking and lots and lots of fun for everyone involved.

Balloon volleyball
This indoor game is great for keeping active while stuck indoors, is super fun and doesn’t make a mess. All you need to do, says the Medical Health Associates website, is blow up a balloon and throw it at each other making sure it doesn't hit the floor, just like volleyball. This is another great game for all ages, even toddlers. 

Indoor hopscotch
Hopscotch can be made in so many different ways and doesn’t necessarily have to be played with chalk on the sidewalk. The Kids Activities blog recommends Hopscotch made with popsicle sticks as a great indoor kids activity, but it can definitely be enjoyed by adults and by the whole family as well. Get creative by making the squares from all kinds of materials, maybe even with tape on your carpet. Whatever you use and whatever you do, remember to have fun with it!

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