5 Innovations That Are Greening up the Fashion Industry

The trendiest item this season is sustainability.

Fashion model wearing green

Green is the new black. (conrado / Shutterstock.com)

The fashion world is always looking for the next big trend, and it looks like they have found it with sustainability. A myriad of fashion forward innovations that combine green practices are infiltrating the fashion world. The eco-mindset also extends itself to fair practices, with a number of apparel companies employing fair trade workers or shining the spotlight on clothing production and who is behind each item of clothing. The world of fashion is a creative and ever-changing landscape of fabrics and accessories, the ideal ground for revolutionary ideas and cutting-edge attire to take on the new black – green. 


The design consultancy firm Biocouture melds biology and fashion, producing stunning clothes and shoes that are not only biodegradable, but can be composted and discarded in the same way as vegetable peelings. The clothes are grown out of organisms like bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae, mixing different elements together that then ferment and produce a leather-like material.


Just as 3D printing has been influencing the world of food; it’s also starting to make its presence known in the fashion industry. Companies like Electroloom are working on printing fabric envision that in the near future fabric designs will become digital, enabling clothes to be shared, downloaded and printed across the globe. Nervous System is another initiative that is on the 3D tip with dresses and a jewelry collection. 


Paper scraps, bullet casings, old keyboards and broken bicycle chains – what do all these have in common? They are all discarded materials that have been transformed into funky handcrafted jewelry. Mixing creativity and nimble fingers, jewelry makers like Tech-Cycled, Raven + Lily and Stay Gold Mary Rose, have scoured for leftover scraps in order to create dynamic and beautiful jewelry pieces, taking the trend of recycling to the next level. 


Fashion Revolution Day is a global movement to celebrate diversity and push for an ethical industry that promotes sustainability and fair treatment of workers. Marked on April 24, the movement calls for fashionistas alike to get on their social media to contact brands and ask them ‘who made my clothes?’ in a bid to discover the real folks throughout the supply chain.


Dubbed as Landfill-Free Sneakers™, ReKixx shoes are made from 100% recycled materials all the way from the laces to soles. Trying to make a dent in the over 300 million pairs of shoes that end up in landfills, these fashion forward kicks spread awareness with a recycling symbol on each pair. The zero-carbon footprint shoes invite their customers to send their old ReKixx back to the company to ensure that they are properly recycled.