5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Sesame Street [LIST]

Elmo, Big Bird and the gang are chock full of wisdom

Sesame street.

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Sometimes it's a kids show that teaches you the elements of life. Sesame Street is one such example.
The show, which first hit the airwaves in 1969 and has since become a household name and a cultural classic, integrated Jim Henson puppets, adult actors and non-professional kid actors - an original combo that is both moving and educational.
The wisdom of Sesame Street is timeless - no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to brush up on the life lessons delivered by the familiar faces of Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the gang.

Mindfulness and self-awareness are on the 2014 trend radar - more people integrate these practices into their daily lives. Cookie Monster is no exception. Through this catchy spoof of the hit song, “I Love It,” the blue monster sings about self-restraint: positive self-talk and breathing included. 
LIFE LESSON: Don’t eat all the cookies at once! In other words: think before leaping.

This adorable Sesame Street clip from 1989 stars Grover and a sweet boy named Christopher and delves into the meaning of love. 
LIFE LESSON: Open yourself up to all types of love and try and channel it from a place of acceptance.

The older we get, the harder it is to admit to being scared. In this sweet clip with the late James Gandolfini - most famously known for his role as a hard-core Mafioso in The Sopranos - sheds his macho facade, and speaks openly about fear and anxiety. 
LIFE LESSON: Speak about your fears with someone you trust - and be open to accepting a comforting hug.

Singer Bruno Mars teams up with the Sesame Street crew in a song about the power of persistence. While there are tons of apps and ways to set your mind to following through with your new goals, sometimes a bit of self-belief and the will to keep on going is what is needed to succeed.
LIFE LESSON: It may seem hopeless but it is in fact possible: give it another try and you can make it happen.

Actor Mark Ruffalo weighs on empathy to Murray - a notion that is initially lost on the red puppet, yet is gradually clarified via several examples.
LIFE LESSON: Identification and connection with others are the building blocks of empathy.