5 Modern Products to Create a Socially Conscious Home

A simple guide to creating a more socially conscious home


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A socially conscious home doesn't need to be something that is expensive to accomplish. Sure, if you want to build a home from scratch you can take some extra measures to create a sustainable oasis, but most of you conscious comsumers probably already have a home. So how do we make our current homes a bit more socially conscious? Below are a few modern ways all of us can use to upgrade our homes and add a good poriton of sustainability and social good to our place of rest and relaxation. Some of these solutions are simple and affordable, while others may need a slightly bigger investment. All of them add some truly innovative aspects to your home.


SolarGaps are smart blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy. Simply plug in the blinds and the harnessed solar energy can begin to power devices in your home. You can even store unneded energy in your home battery storage solution and use it as an emergency power supply. The integrated smartphone app lets you monitor and control your smart blinds from anywhere in the world. Apart from producting your own electricity and giving you shade, SolarGaps will have a big impact on your electricity bills and do something good for the environment in the process. Pretty good way to start creating your socially conscious home.


Endless Computers are stylish, minimal, and affordable for those living in rural areas around the globe. The Endless Operating System comes pre-loaded with hundreds of apps that work both online or offline. This affordable system can put the sum of human knowledge at virtuallly anyone's fingertips. Education, job opportunities, health information, all accessible to everyone. That world is possible.


This Bar Saves Lives makes ridiculously delicious snack bars with a mission. For every bar sold, the company gives life-saving food to a child in need. Made with real, wholesome ingredients and certified non-GMO, gluten free, fair trade, and bee friendly, This Bar Saves Lives snack bars will help you eat food, feel good, and do good. The pantry in your new socially conscious home deserves these awesome snacks.


Reefill is a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to bottled water providing unlimited access to cold, filtered tap water on the go. With the help of the Reefill app available for iOS and Android, users find the nearest station, activate it with their phone’s bluetooth, and instantly access cold, filtered water.


BogoBrush is rethinking the toothbrush with buy one/give one, eco-designed toothbrushes that are made entirely in the USA. The plastics in almost all conventional toothbrushes are non-recyclable, meaning over 450 million toothbrushes a year end up in landfills in the US alone. BogoBrush's products are either bio-degradable or made from nearly 100 percent recycled plastic. When you’re done, throw them in your compost or recycle bin and nature will do its thing.