5 of the Most Inspiring Peace Initiatives on the Web

It’s time to give peace a chance

A young woman sitting with her laptop.

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Turning on the news these days can be a lot handle, especially when we are inundated with stories and images of conflict and unrest. But keep faith; there are a lot of great folks out there working to make this world a more peaceful and harmonious place to live. We have selected five initiatives that are using diverse means such as technology, media and dialogue to bridge differences and foster peace. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, please feel free to share with us more great initiatives that are committed to peace. 


WHAT An international NGO  that implements on the ground conflict resolution
techniques through creative and collaborative problem solving.
HOW  The well established organization, founded in 1982,  uses a variety of means to
bring about peaceful resolution including: media production (radio, TV, film and print),
sports, drama, music, community organizing and more. Search for Common Ground
works with local partners to develop culturally appropriate methods that will put an end
to conflict.
WHERE The NGO has 50 offices in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North
INSPIRATION FROM THE WEBSITE There is no conflict that cannot be resolved.
Violent conflict is created and sustained by human beings, and it can be ended by
human beings.
 - Senator George Mitchell


WHAT A Facebook chat app (still in progress) that intends to connect people from
opposite sides of the political and global spectrum.
HOW  PeaceTube users log into the app and the system randomly and anonymously
introduces the user to another person from a different country. The two can get to
know each via chat, form a connection, find common ground, and even take the next
step - reveal their Facebook identities, and if they choose, become full-fledged
Facebook friends.
WHERE Worldwide
INSPIRATION FROM THE WEBSITE If we peek over the borders that separate us, we are sure to find more in common than in contrast.


WHAT A nonprofit that promotes conflict resolution through training media
professionals and raising awareness about the role of media in promoting peace.
HOW CMPI offers various training projects ranging from courses that teach young
people about journalism
to professional development programs for African journalists.
The organization also conducts media-centered academic research focusing on
communication and peaceful resolution in addition to seminars and events.
WHERE Based in New York City
INSPIRATION FROM THE WEBSITE The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is
silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching
others. - Solomon Ibn Gabriol


WHAT An initiative from Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab, the Peace
Innovation Lab performs research in innovation, collaboration and the use of social
networks to impact positive change.
HOW Peace Innovation Lab has a variety of projects, their main one being Peace Dot.
The volunteer run initiative encourages organizations to create a URL with the
structure: peace. [domain name], and use that page to show how they are contributing
to a more peaceful world. Facebook jumped on the bandwagon with a page that
features data showing friend connections created every day with people from diverse
backgrounds according to geographic region, religion and political affiliation.
WHERE Peace Innovation Lab is supported by a global network of researchers and
collaborators throughout the world with labs being developed in: Berlin, Buenos Aires,
Mexico and France.
INSPIRATION FROM THE WEBSITE Peace Innovation is a new approach to conflict
studies that focuses on real world interventions that leverage insights into technology
and human interaction to reduce conflict and precursors to conflict.


WHAT A grassroots interfaith network that fosters peace and justice by bringing
people from different religious and cultural backgrounds together to better their
HOW There are over 569 global member organizations and groups that comprise URI,
better known as Cooperation Circles. They work within their communities promoting
interfaith dialogue, conflict mediation and implementing programming that focus on
youth, women and the environment.  
WHERE URI is active in 83 different countries with regional offices in India, Pakistan,
Korea, Jordan, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Germany, the Philippines, Latin America, and
the United States.
INSPIRATION FROM THE WEBSITE If the nations of the world are working
together for peace through the UN, then where are the world’s religions? -
William Swing, URI Founder