5 Movies That Celebrate Love Against All Odds

Sometimes all it takes to bring two different people from two different backgrounds together is true love.

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Love – the only force powerful enough to bring two people together, whatever the odds. Whether it’s a sinking ship, a family feud, or a disapproving mother, love can overcome it all. This concept is as old as time itself and has inspired the plot line of countless books, movies, TV shows, and plays (we’re looking at you, Shakespeare).  As a tribute to those who continue to love each other against all odds, here is a list of five movies that honor this timeless theme.



Of course, this classic had to have a spot on the list. Adopted from William Shakespeare’s famous play, this modern day version breathes new life into the classic story of forbidden love.
THE ODDS: Romeo and Juliet hail from two different feuding noble families – the Montagues and the Capulets. Nonetheless, the two fall in love and are determined to marry and run away together.
LOVE PERSEVERES: Romeo and Juliet decide that they will do whatever it takes to be together forever (and we all know how that turns out).

2. THE NOTEBOOK (2004)

The ultimate tearjerker, this movie illustrates how love transcends class status – and a very, very disapproving mother.
THE ODDS: Allie is from a wealthy, prominent family, while Noah is a mill worker of a different class.
LOVE PERSEVERES: When Noah goes off to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of their summer love affair. But Noah’s return years later reignites their romance.


In 1963 Wyoming, two men fall in love despite the odds and continue, what is considered, a less-than-conventional relationship.
THE ODDS: Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar are up against the masculine stereotypes of the time, suspicious wives, and a very conservative community.
LOVE PERSEVERES: While keeping their romance hidden, the two men maintain a beautiful relationship over the course of 20 years.


4.  TITANIC (1997)

We all know Jack and Rose from their climactic scene on the large, floating door, but it was their enduring love for each other that made the scene so moving.
THE ODDS: Rose is a first-class passenger on the Titanic who is engaged to a wealthy man. Jack is a penniless artist who wins a ticket aboard the ship in a card game.
LOVE PERSEVERES: As the ship sinks, Jack and Rose help one another reach safety. Though ultimately Jack dies, their love lives on in other forms, as Rose leads a life of adventure and freedom, inspired by Jack.

5. POCAHONTAS (1995)

This historical tale is of a Native American woman and English settler who fall in love despite their very different backgrounds.
THE ODDS: Pocahontas is the daughter of a powerful Native American chief who wants her to marry a warrior. Captain John Smith is an Englishman who journeyed to the New World to start a new life, but whose fellow sailors are solely interested in obtaining gold from the Native Americans.
LOVE PERSEVERES: As the hostility between the Englishmen and Pocahontas’ tribe increases, Pocahontas convinces her people to leave Smith unharmed and insists both sides make peace. Though John must return home, their love for each other never ceases.

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