5 Organizations Transforming How We Think About Food

These organizations are making food accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

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The food we cultivate and consume connects us powerfully to the past – through our history, ancestors, culture, and land; it is also our lifeline to the future – through building strong bodies, communities, and ecosystems.

Growing and consuming healthy produce is one of our most basic human rights; unfortunately, due to our corporate and urbanized lifestyles, many of us have become distant from the source of our food.

The global movement to return to local and indigenous food production has made a renaissance over the past decade with hundreds of thousands of people getting in touch with new and old farming opportunities throughout the world. These organizations and many others are ensuring that this upcoming decade, the world can reclaim regenerative agricultural knowledge, and culture.

Here are five organizations who are making nourishing food accessible, affordable, and sustainable:

A Growing Culture
A Growing Culture supports small-scale farmers throughout the world by increasing their accessibility to information; documenting local knowledge; and promoting food autonomy.  They believe that through autonomy and innovation farmers can build resilient and healthy communities. The organization accomplishes these goals through campaigns that focused on advocacy, outreach, and open-source libraries.

Chef’s Manifesto
This organization brings together over 500 chefs from 70 different countries to advocate for more sustainable food practices, whether personal or policy related. Chef's Manifesto is part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of increasing food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture. According to the website, chefs are powerful advocates because they “influence what we grow, what we put on our plates and how we think and talk about food.”

EAT Foundation
The EAT Foundation brings together global leaders, researchers, and innovators who are transforming the urban food system. Their historic EAT-Lancet commission informs the world of the most up-to-date information regarding the relationship between food, health, and the planet. The NGO's projects also help translate policy-research into practical solutions for cities.

Food Corps
Food Corps' work helps connect kids to healthy food through education, school meals, and advocacy. According to their website, they “are creating a future in which all of our nation’s children- regardless of race, place, or class- know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it every day.” Over the last year, the organization worked with over 167,000 students, 500 gardens, 3,200 taste tests, and 3,900 volunteers.

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Food Future Co

Food Future Co is an accelerator that helps scale up small and growing businesses looking to change the food system. The accelerator provides business support such as consulting, branding and marketing, legal advice, and more. Companies in the accelerator develop innovative products and services that increase the productivity, accessibility, and sustainability of food and agriculture.

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