5 Podcasts to Boost Your Happiness

Now you can listen your way to a better day!


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People love to listen and that's why audio is still so popular today. It's always been that way. Before the advent of writing, storytelling was the first way of telling a people's history. And before television, radio was a popular form of entertainment and not just for news.

Podcasts are an easy way for people to be entertained – or to learn new things – while they commute, exercise, or relax in a comfortable armchair. Podcasts cover just about any imaginable topic from news to entertainment to self-improvement, like ways to boost your happiness.

Here are five podcasts from psychologists, authors, and spiritual leaders on how to become a happier person.

Adventures in Happiness

New York Times best-selling author Jessica Ortner guides you on a happiness journey as you explore tapping and other ideas to make you feel your best. She covers topics that include Feng Shui, spring cleaning, motherhood, tips to overcome anxiety, and much more. This episode covers the 3M's better known as meditation, mindfulness, and manifesting. Subscribe for free via iTunes, Android, Sticher or Rss. Each episode runs around 45 minutes.

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Happiness Spells

Every episode provides a list of pleasures and joys in life set to soothing music. Some are serious and some less so. There is a collection of thoughts, daydreams, feelings, and more. In this episode, love is explored. There are two episodes a week and each lasts 5 minutes.

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Live Happy Now

This podcast series is brought to you from Live Happy, a website that features ideas and research on how to live a happier life. The happiness podcast series consists of interviews with experts in psychology as well as the science of happiness. Some of the podcasts are about mindful dating from The Huffington Post  blogger Ken Page and How to Live a Full Life by NY times bestselling author Merlin Thomas and The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced Life with Niki Brarantmark  who writes an award-winning daily interior design blog. This episode is about bringing joy into the workplace with Alex Liu. Each episode lasts about 30 minutes.

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The Action for Happiness Podcast

This series is an international initiative by the Dalai Lama. The podcast features interviews with luminaries mainly in the realm of mindfulness and meditation including Dr, Kelli Harding author of The Rabbit Effect and BBC's Simon Mundie speaks about" What Sport Teaches us About Life." Listen to the Podcast or watch the YouTube video. Each episode runs around 40 minutes.

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The Science of Happiness

This podcast series is brought to you by UC Berkeley's Greater Good Magazine  Heavy on the science of happiness and positive psychology; the show features compelling topics like "How to be less hard on Yourself", "Finding Beauty in the Everyday", and "Making Kindness contagious". There are two podcasts a month. In this episode, "Who is Your Rock" Kai Koerber, a survivor of the Parkland mass shooting and now a student advocate thanks the person who gave him a voice. Each episode lasts about 20 minutes.

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