5 Reasons to Join a Running Club

The Benefits and Rewards of Running Club Membership.



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Living in a city, one often sees a group of runners emerge around a corner. They laugh and chat together as their running shoes rhythmically touch the pavement. And as they pass by, they exude a sense of camaraderie, health, and well-being. 

These groups of runners are often part of a local running club. Joining such a group club is great for those who like jogging, love the outdoors, and want a fitness challenge. One does not have to be a pro; many running clubs welcome beginner runners and are inclusive of all levels. Here are five reasons to inspire you to join that group of runners who just flew by!

Feel encouraged
One may assume that running clubs are for the pros and for the hard core. Do not feel intimidated! Most clubs have members of different running levels, explains Refinery29. You will find others who run at your pace and will soon feel encouraged to run a little further or faster. 

If you are a beginner, being part of a running club may inspire you to love the sport. If joining a physical group is intimidating, there are virtual running clubs where people share photos, feelings, and offer encouragement. This could be a step towards joining the outdoor equivalent.

Become more accountable
When one runs solo, it is harder to get off the couch, out the door and onto the pavement. Aside from distractions and obligations, there is often a convincing inner voice that whispers to you to simply stay home in front of the TV! Being part of a group makes you feel obligated to show up, says Outdoors Wire.

Your running friends will be looking forward to seeing you and will miss you if you do not show up. Chances are, when you will feel an obligation, you will turn up and feel great that you did!

Become a better runner
Being in a running club will push you harder than if you were running solo. Sometimes, running while socializing takes any dreariness or difficulty away and you may perform better without even realizing how much distance you covered. 

When jogging in a group, you will also hit your personal goals quicker, observes Refinery 29, especially if there are faster runners in the club. Most groups have coaches or trainers, according to the blog Runners First. Trainers love the sport and are there to inspire others. They can assist you in setting a pace, establishing realistic and achievable goals, and train you to be the best runner you can be.

A coach will also develop variety in running routes and content, making the whole workout more enjoyable. One meet is often for a long run, while the second meet in the week is a targeted session which could be practicing a hill run or doing intervals. 

Be social
When you are part of a club, you can make new friends who share the same passion. And, according to Runners First, runners are known to be a friendly bunch! This offers a sense of belonging, and after a while, these new buddies feel like a warm family and can become lifelong friends. After all, humans are social. If one is taking on something new or challenging, it is best to have lots of warm support along the way.

Feel safe
Most running groups meet two times a week, according to Runners First. In the fall and winter, this may mean going out on a dark evening. When part of a group, it is easier for drivers to see runners when they are in a group, especially when they are all wearing reflective clothing.

When running alone at night, it is also harder to see and one may be vulnerable to tripping or falling due to the darkness. When in a group, obstacles are alerted and if there is an accident, people are there for support. Being with a group at night may also help one feel more secure and safe.

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