5 of Robin Williams Most Inspiring Movie Roles [LIST]

A list of Robin Williams movies to remember the talented actor and comedian’s unparalleled talent.

Robin Williams.

(Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com)

The world sadly lost one of its most talented entertainers of all time on August 11. Whether it was comedy, drama, improvisation or impressions, Robin Williams was in a league above the rest. He embodied his characters to the fullest, and had the fortune to portray some of the most dynamic and inspirational film roles to date. Robin, you will be missed.


Inspired by a  the life story of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, Williams shines as Adams who insists on connecting to his patients through compassion and humor, even though his approach puts his career in jeopardy.  


The animated classic from Disney puts Williams in the hilarious role as the mighty blue genie who helps Aladdin make his dreams come true.


At the stuffy and aristocratic Welton Academy, Williams is the charismatic and stand out teacher, John Keating that inspires and empowers his students through poetry.


The movie takes place in 1965 during the Vietnam War in which Robin Williams shines as the radio DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Service. His hilarious antics as Adrian Cronauer bring morale and laughs to the troops, but get him in trouble with his superiors.


Williams won an Oscar for his role as psychologist Dr. Sean Maguire who treats the troubled and underprivileged mathematical genius Matt Damon, helping him release his demons and actualize his potential.