5 Steps to Positively Channel Your Thoughts

Discover how to train your inner voice.

Woman deep in thought.

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The voice within can be your internal guidance system toward development and optimism. But sometimes, that inner dialogue also presents a critical voice that points out shortcomings, restrictions, and concerns. Having control of your inner voice can be an incredibly powerful tool for creating cycles of positive thinking, according to Positive Psychology. Discover how to control your thoughts in a healthy way and break limited thought patterns.

Identify negative thoughts
People who don't believe in themselves can go through life allowing negative thoughts to guide them, according to verywell mind. So, what negative thoughts are currently holding you back in life? Do you ever catch yourself in a lack of state of mind or realize that negative chatter is filling your head? For example, “I’m not worthy” or “I don’t have the skills to take on this challenge.”  You can become hindered from living your truth by limiting beliefs like these.

To break the vicious cycle of negative thought patterns, you must first learn how to identify these thoughts. It is important for you to write down any negative thoughts that may be coming to your mind so that you may begin to replace these with healthy ones as you begin to change your way of thinking.

Rewire your brain
Did you know you can change your thinking by rewiring your brain? Thanks to modern technology, scientists can now understand how you can rewire the brain to release negative thought patterns and replace these with healthy thoughts, according to a blog on the Good Minds Clinic website.

Neuroplasticity, allows the brain to adapt and change habits that were previously ingrained. When you influence the brain, new pathways can be established, and old paths can be shut down. However, this technique can become problematic when it comes to detrimental habits like negative self-talk. This kind of inner dialogue tends to be repeated by your brain almost automatically.

Choose your friend circle wisely 
If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, it’s vital to surround yourself with people who want to see you do good and support your highest self. You may be familiar with the saying that you are the average of the five people you spend time with. Well, science backs this up!

Brain scans can show that friends who spend a lot of time together and expose themselves to a similar environment have similar neural activity patterns, according to research in Nature Communications. As a result, people perceive and respond to the world around them in remarkably similar ways to their friends.

By surrounding yourself with friends and family who express healthy thoughts and a positive mindset, your own thought pattern can be positively influenced.

Shift your mindset toward growth 
A growth mindset is a belief that your talents are developable over time, according to verywell mind.A person with a growth mindset tends to be less likely to suffer mental health problems than someone with a fixed mindset, according the organization Understood

People with a fixed mindset tend to become stuck in their ways, with repetitive thoughts circling around their heads. However, those who develop a growth mindset embody perseverance which can guide them toward happiness and success. 

Choose to respond rather than react
Often, when someone feels triggered, they react without thinking which usually ends up in them saying something they may regret, according to The Growth Equation. However, by choosing to respond mindfully rather than react, you are exercising control over your thoughts in a healthy way, So next time you notice an intense thought coming up, take a moment to reflect before respond.

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