5 Temporary Pop-Up Shops That Help Make A Lasting Difference [LIST]

These stores all support a good cause

Shopping bags.

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Pop-up shops have been springing up all over the place the past few years, selling anything from fashionable clothes to cool artwork. There are some that are there to make a profit and there are those that set up shop for a good cause. Here is a list of 5 very different pop-up shops from around the world that are helping change the lives of others.


WHAT: The world's first free pop-up clothing store for the poor.
WHERE: Started in Cape Town.
HOW IT WORKS: Anyone can  donate clothes and shoes to a "store" on the street which is constructed out of posters. The makeshift shop invites people living on the streets to help themselves to the merchandise for free.
THE CAUSE: What started as an initiative for a homeless shelter in Cape Town has now grown into a concept that can help any organization in need throughout South Africa and the world.


WHAT: Farmer-owned chocolate company Divine Chocolate has for the past two years opened a pop-up shop during Fairtrade Fortnight where they showcase new products and host fun free events.
WHERE: London.
HOW IT WORKS: As well as sampling delicious ethically-made chocolate, visitors get the chance to meet cocoa farmers from around the world and learn about their lives.
THE CAUSE: To raise awareness about fair trade farming and support organizations that help local communities profit from their work.


WHAT: An exhibition and pop-up shop featuring lost and found items from city trains.
WHERE: Amsterdam.
HOW IT WORKS: Artists and designers transformed the lost items into trendy fashion and art pieces which are sold at the Amsterdam Central Station.
THE CAUSE: Money raised from the project was donated to Natuur & Milieu, a local organization that helps create a more sustainable environment.


WHAT: An annual pop-up store selling designer clothes organized by Dress for Success Worldwide West, a  non-profit that helps find employment for disadvantaged women.
WHERE: Los Angeles.
HOW IT WORKS: The store, which only exists for 4 days of the year, is stocked with items from over 100 exclusive designers at reduced prices.
THE CAUSE: All of the proceeds from the boutique support Dress for Success Worldwide West which provides professional clothes for women with limited resources  in order to help them gain economic independence.


WHAT: To mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, 15 artists created limited edition images that were reproduced and sold at certain stations across the city.
WHERE: London.
HOW IT WORKS: All of the artwork was displayed in public spaces and is now available online.
THE CAUSE: To support the Art on the Underground program,which gives emerging artists from around the world a platform to display their work, and makes art affordable to the general public.