5 Top Eco Websites You Should Know

Sharpen your understanding of Mother Earth

(Romolo Tavani / Shutterstock.com)

The environment has become more of a hot topic these days as we hone our understanding of our effect on Mother Nature. The words “green,” “eco-friendly” and “environment” buzz around us - but what does it all mean? Here, we have compiled a list of five top websites that can bring more clarity to what’s happening in our natural environment, giving us ways to be part of the solution, rather than the problem.


Treehugger is a popular destination for up-to-date green news, with a focus on technology, design and green living. The stated goal of the site is to “drive sustainability mainstream,” and its easy-to-read content and catchy titles can get even the average Joe interested in the environment.
LITTLE DID YOU KNOW Adhering to their green credo, Treehugger does not have a physical mailing address. The site is run virtually with staff located in all four corners of the globe.
MUST SEE The slideshow section of the site features user-contributed photos of the day, in addition to photos of special features like this one for Sea Otter Awareness week.


Grist is an online magazine which focuses on environmental news and commentary, with a humorous and ironic twist.  A veteran in the environmental media landscape since 1999, Grist covers a myriad of topics from politics and business to food and climate.
LITTLE DID YOU KNOW Grist is a nonprofit organization and subscription to the online magazine is free.  
MUST SEE The Grist List features quirky news stories with an environmental edge like The Five Best Times Jellyfish  Shut Down Power Plants and This Cool Photo Shows a Swarm of Butterflies Drinking a Turtle’s Tears.


National Geographic is best known for its beautiful magazine covers, depicting natural and cultural scenes from all over the world. The website is just as impressive as the print edition, and the environment section includes topics like freshwaternatural disasters and habitats.
LITTLE DID YOU KNOW National Geographic was started way back in 1888!
MUST SEE The environmental section is chock full of gems from top news to stunning photos - we especially loved the climate change science quiz that tests your knowledge on how the change in climate is affecting the environment.


A vital part of the Huffington Post, HuffPost Green explores all things ecological from breaking news to animal stories.
LITTLE DID YOU KNOW Editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington is a fulltime good doer and a member of the B Team, a group of influential business leaders looking to put people and planet alongside profit.
MUST SEE HuffPost Green is a platform for some of the most influential people in the green world, featuring new and fascinating blog pieces each day.


Greenpeace is one of the leading organizations advocating for the environment. The independent global campaigning nonprofit works to protect and conserve Mother Earth while promoting peace at the same time.
LITTLE DID YOU KNOW Greenpeace is has 28 offices in over 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
MUST SEE The website hosts a well stocked multimedia section which includes photo essays, videos and photos from folks on the ground making a difference.