2 Videos Celebrating Girl Power

Women empowerment is always in.

Girl power!

(Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock.com)

Women represent around half of the world’s population, and while disparities in equality still exist, there are enormous strides being made to guarantee that girls and women are afforded the same opportunities as men.  In the spirit of girl power, we have compiled five inspiring videos celebrating strong, independent ladies across multiple disciplines.  

Sheryl Sandberg is not only the COO of Facebook, she is a vocal advocate for women empowerment. Sandberg wrote the book Lean In which discusses how women can fulfill their potential and take the lead. She later launched the nonprofit Lean In that is considered ‘the next chapter’ of her book, and serves as a platform to connect and inspire women. The world that Sandberg envisions is one that we can all relate to; a place where everyone has opportunities based on their passions and interests, regardless of gender.

One six-year old girl took a breakdancing competition by storm with her incredible moves and punchy attitude. Competing against boys twice her age, the young B-girl Terra showed that nothing can hold her back.