5 Videos Shining the Spotlight on Sustainability

There are so many ways to bolster your recycling muscles – start by watching these videos.

Sustainability is in our hands.

(Romolo Tavani / Shutterstock.com)

Living a more sustainable lifestyle requires mindfulness about our rate of consumption, and an awareness of the impact that has on the environment - there are so many objects in our lives that can be reused or recycled. These five videos will get you into that sustainable thinking mindset. 


Alex had a burning question: where do electronics actually go once they are thrown away? Not satisfied with just googling the answer, the intrepid filmmaker decided to pack a bag of old electronics, a camera and his trusty skateboard, and set off to Agbogbloshie, Ghana - the home of the world’s largest electronic dump site. The video introduces us to Gizmogul, an e-waste company that properly recycles old electronics, giving folks the option to buy, sell or donate their old goods.


WWF Canada has a new face for spreading awareness about the environment, Norman the cat. A true eco-warrior, Norman conserves water, saves on energy and informs his feline friends of the benefits of sustainability. As the video draws to a close, WWF Canada makes the big announcement that one of Canada’s major supermarket chains will only offer sustainably sourced seafood, which of course makes Norman one happy kitty.


More often than not, the non calibrated, imperfect fruits and vegetables of this world are discarded and forgotten about. In a bid to raise awareness about this wasteful practice, French supermarket chain Intermarché decided to give the "ugly" produce a chance in the limelight to prove they have as much to offer as their better looking counterparts. As part of the campaign, the supermarket sold the imperfect fruits and vegetables 30% cheaper than usual, causing them to sell out in just two days. This video tells the story of how French shoppers embraced the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables and learned a valuable lesson about food waste.


One restaurant in Chicago has taken the leap to become 100% trash-free, and it’s all due to one man’s desire to minimize waste. Justin Vrany’s Sandwich Me In looks like any regular shop, but it is all-the-way sustainable. While a typical restaurant produces eight gallons of garbage an hour, Vrany’s Sandwich Me In has produced that same amount of garbage in two years! Learn more about Justin Vrany’s sustainable ways and how he actually does it.


Starting as just a seedling in the ground, the animated journey of the apple seed shows how one action spurs a series of events, reflecting the delicate and symbiotic relationship that is Mother Nature.