3 Videos that Will Unleash Your Inner Child

It’s time to be a kid again! [VIDEO]

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Child swinging.

(Billion Photos / Shutterstock.com)

Eat, sleep, work, repeat – does this sound familiar? How about taking a quick break and channeling the days when homework was your biggest responsibility and playing was your full time job? Look no further as you enjoy five videos that will bring out your inner child, or at the very least make you grin.  

Do you remember the first time you ate a lemon? This ingenious video created for TEDxSydney shows a variety of emotions and reactions everyday foods like olives, yogurt and vegemite elicit in adorable kiddies - in slow motion.

What happens when you ask two kids to improvise a common day situation, like teaching basketball? Well, hilarity ensues. Kid Snippets is a series of funny videos in which adults act out pretend situations imagined and voiced by kids. The wonderfully executed clips shed light on the entertaining inner-workings of children.

Dove is known for their poignant ads that celebrate natural beauty, and this video is no exception. The clip starts with shots of women ducking for cover from the camera, which leads Dove to ask, "When did you stop thinking you're beautiful?" Soon after a series of dynamic and confident young girls appear, posing with gusto in front of the camera. The ad serves as an inspirational reminder that it's never too late to regain that confidence you had as a child.

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