5 Ways the World is Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Festivities launching the Year of the Rat will bring joy to millions.

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Born in 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, or 1936? Then according to the upcoming Chinese New Year, this is your year – the Year of the Rat. The rat is the first in a recurring 12-year cycle of animals which features in the Chinese Zodiac. You’ll be pleased to hear that people born in this year are optimistic and successful, quick thinkers, sensitive to the emotions of the people around them and content with living quiet and peaceful lives. But the celebrations are for everyone!

On Saturday January 25th, millions of people around the globe will proudly splash their homes, businesses, and walls with a vibrant red that signifies the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, and lashings of good fortune. Fireworks will splash the sky with beautiful colors and usher in good luck. Those celebrating will wear new clothes and spruce up their homes. Gongs will vibrate through cities, and red lanterns will light up homes and buildings, symbolizing the pursuit of “the bright and the beautiful.”

As people reunite with their families, giving gifts to symbolize a fruitful year ahead and marking the start of a new beginning, numerous communities around the world are taking part in the joyous 15-day occasion. Read on to discover 5 ways humanity is honoring Chinese New Year.

SingPost’s new stamps feature a colorful tribute

Rats are getting the special treatment from The Singapore Post this year! On January 8th, SingPost released new stamps as part of a dedicated Zodiac collection that will span the next 12 years in honor of the New Year. The stamps come in two varieties; one with a pink rat and the other white with a pink background, making all packages a reason to celebrate.

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Award-winning artist creates striking new coin

Though the best things in life are free, Irish artist, PJ Lynch, took his talents and created a beautiful masterpiece; a new coin featuring one very lucky rat. After significant research and multiple drafts, Lynch finalized his creation, honoring the animal associated with intelligence and optimism. 

Starbucks commemorating the Lunar New Year

To take part in “one of the world’s most significant cultural celebrations,” Starbucks has brought out a line of drinkware, Starbucks Cards, beverages and more in their US and Asia locations that honor the rat. From their Love Blossoms Matcha Latte, to Global Lunar New Year Tumbler, anyone can drink to a lucky New Year.

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Bonsai Trees getting a new look in Vietnam

Farmers in Vietnam are even making sure that foliage is ready for the Lunar New Year by pruning bonsai trees into the shape of rats. The fun-shaped trees required special attention as local farmers wanted to expose the beautiful kumquat fruits. The bright, orange fruits symbolize fertility, abundance, and luck, aligning with the meaning of the Chinese New Year.

The Met is hosting a “Lunar New Year Festival: Year of the Rat”

On Saturday, February 1st, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is launching an exhibit for all ages. Visitors can mark the year of the rat with performances, artist-led workshops, and interactive gallery activities. These will take in special shows by the Chinese Center on Long Island Lion Troupe, New York Chinese Cultural Center dancers, and drummers from the New York Korean Performing Arts Center.

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However you celebrate, one thing is for sure; you’ll have no shortage of festive ways to ring in the Chinese New Year. Here’s to the Year of the Rat. Wishing everyone a lucky and prosperous new beginning!