5 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil Topically

Healthy, unrefined coconut oil sizzles outside the kitchen too!


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Coconut oil is good for healing skincare.

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If you have a bottle of virgin coconut oil in the pantry, bring it out and let it shine!  With its rich flavor and tropical aroma, coconut oil is often used for frying and baking. Yet it also has healing benefits for the skin and hair.  

Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and contains vitamins E and K, according to Everyday Health.  When it comes to skin care, it is best to buy organic coconut oil as opposed to refined coconut oil as it is less processed. It is also not recommended for those with oily skin or acne. Here are five benefits to using coconut oil outside of the kitchen. 

Great moisturizer
Not only does coconut oil boost the moisture content of your skin, it could benefit your skin function, according to Healthline. Moisturizing your skin with coconut oil deters water loss and offers protection from allergens, chemicals, and infectious carriers. 

If your skin feels dry from an overuse of hand sanitizers, apply six to eight drops of coconut oil on your hands at night and leave it overnight. 

Helps relieve atopic dermatitis
Applying coconut oil to your skin could offer relief from atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin inflammation. In fact, a study published in Dermatitis showed that using either virgin coconut or olive oils improves skin infections such as atopic dermatitis. 

Could protect skin from bacteria
Coconut oil used externally can kill bacteria, according to the health site Eat This, Not That! It could protect your skin from fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This is due to its high content of lauric acid.

Excellent hair moisturizer
If your hair is dry and damaged or you have dandruff, give yourself a coconut oil treatment, suggests Eat This, Not That!  This is because coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and helps reduce the loss of protein in both damaged and undamaged hair, according to a study published in The Journal of Cosmetic Science. 

Helps improve oral health
Swishing coconut oil in your mouth helps to improve your oral health by reducing bacteria and may also help heal periodontal disease, according to Medical News Today. It could also help prevent tooth decay and curtail plaque buildup, as well as treating bad breath. Just swish one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes and spit out. As the coconut oil is edible, it is harmless.

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