5 Websites for Fun, Friendly Neighborhoods

In honor of April 27, Neighborday!

Playing in the park.

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How familiar are you with your neighbors? Do you know their names, telephone numbers or even how long they have lived in your ‘hood? Neighbors create community, and knowing the people who live close by to you is the premise of Neighborday, an annual event launched by GOOD, taking place April 27.
Neighborday offers a formal opportunity to create informal relations with your neighbors: be it a basic introduction or the bolder step of organizing a fun block party. Turns out, that it's not only GOOD who have their eyes out on creating closer and more immediate community relations. Other websites and initiatives help you get to know the people who live nearby, turning strangers into neighbors. Check out the following helpful services; they'll do you - and your neighbors - a lot of good.


WHAT A digital platform where community members share ideas and self-organize to
make proposed changes happen.
HOW Participation is free, and users make suggestions of how they want to improve
their community - whether it’s more bike racks or rallying together to put an end to
gun violence
. Fellow neighbors can come together to discuss or propose ways to put
the plan into action, from planning an event or fundraiser to organizing a petition.
WHERE Initially started in New Orleans, Neighborland is available throughout the
United States.


WHAT An online platform for selling, buying and meeting people from your community.
HOW Krrb facilitates contact between sellers and buyers in Craigslist style. Though the
website doesn't field sale transactions, thus keeping true to their mission: to enable
face-to-face interaction with your neighbors.
WHERE Krrb has a growing membership of 34,400 people in 1492 cities in 82
countries around the world.


WHAT A private social network exclusively for you and your neighbors.
HOW The free portal provides a way for neighbors to communicate with one another,
from finding a trustworthy plumber to keeping an eye out for a lost dog. Nextdoor is
made only for those who live in the same ‘hood with address verification and strict
privacy and safety measures.
WHERE Available in verified neighbourhoods around the US and expanding to cities, in
order to facilitate direct contact between residents and city, police and fire officials.


WHAT A crowdfunding platform for investing in independent businesses in your
HOW Small businesses can sign up to crowdsource investments while backers are
welcome to browse and invest in neighborhood joints. Smallknot operates on two
funding models: all-or-nothing which means that the business has to hit the goal
otherwise the investments are not charged, or the Every Bit Counts model in which
businesses will receive funds regardless if the goal is reached. There are also rewards
involved for those who invest!
WHERE Smallknot operates in select countries throughout the US, with a heavy
concentration in New York.


WHAT A crowdfunding platform for neighborhood improvement projects that are in
public spaces.
HOW Users can pitch their own ideas while receiving fundraising and technical
assistance from Spacehive,  or use the site to donate to projects that interest them.
Some cool proposed projects have been: a dog gym, an outdoor kitchen and a
community center
WHERE Spacehive is a United Kingdom based initiative.

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