5 Yoga Poses That Are Good For Your Health

So roll out your yoga mat and enjoy the wonderful benefits.


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Many may only think of yoga in terms of fitness, but the practice does far more than tone muscles and burn calories. The word yoga actually means to join in Sanskrit, bringing the mind and body together. It involves a total mind-body experience that combines strengthening and stretching poses, called asanas, with mindful breathing and meditation. 

Evidence of yoga dates back over 3,000 years ago among the Vedic priests of ancient India. What modern medicine can prove today, yogis figured out centuries ago. Research continues to discover the tremendous health benefits of regular yoga practice. 

In fact, holding certain postures can help alleviate specific conditions, aches, and illnesses. That’s because postures correlate to internal systems. Whether you suffer from headaches, low energy levels, or indigestion, you can choose certain yoga poses to help. So roll out your yoga mat and enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga for these common ailments.

Feel Energized with Back Bending Poses

When feeling lethargic, you can invigorate your body with back bend poses. Postures like bridge or cobra stimulate the sympathetic nerves that come out from below the cervical down to the third or fourth lumbar of the nervous system. Activating the sympathetic nervous system moves us toward activity. So skip the coffee and try a few back bends to feel naturally energized throughout the day. 

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Improve Sleep and  Reduce Anxiety with Forward Bends

On the other hand, if you have trouble sleeping or struggle with anxiety, you’ll want to avoid backbending positions, as they are too excitable for the nervous system. Instead, try forward bending poses that relate to the parasympathetic nerves that moves us toward rest. The rounded shape of child’s pose, for example, soothes the lumbar zone of the sacral and cervical regions. 

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Improve Digestion

Do you have an upset tummy and need to soothe the digestive tract? On the other hand, you may need to stimulate the digestive tract. Maybe you just had a little too much to eat this holiday season. Either way, The Chopra Center says that you can aid digestion with twists that increase flow and balance to the stomach and intestines. 

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Improve Circulation with Warrior Poses

If you suffer from symptoms like numbness, cold hands, breakouts, dark circles, muscle cramps, and swelling, you may have poor blood circulation according to Healthline. This can happen especially nowadays when people spend so much time sitting down or for those with blood pressure issues. Full-body, standing poses like the warrior series stimulate the vyana channels related to circulation and spreading nourishment throughout the body.

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Treat Headaches and Migraines with Headstands

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, practicing inversion poses like headstand can help alleviate symptoms. Why? Inversion poses, in which the heart is higher from the ground than the head, use gravity to our advantage, reverse blood flow, and improve circulation to your head. Just don’t forget to listen to your body and stop if a pose causes any pain.

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