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ReWork connects between good-doing employers and professionals

Sep 3, 2012

Image from ReWork

Labor Day has become synonymous with barbecue and shopping, yet it's a national holiday that recognizes American workers and their contribution to society and the economy. For each of us, it may be an opportunity to evaluate his or her career path and reflect on their dreams, ambitions and needs from work: Is it rewarding? Is it meaningful?
Adding meaning to work is what ReWork specializes in.
ReWork is the missing connection between professionals and employers who have a mutual interest in making a difference in the world. Founders Nathaniel Coloc, Evan Walden, Abe Tale and Shane Rasnak are determined to pave the path for impact-driven talents who wish to work with organizations that share their ideals. The foursome believes that passionate professionals deserve meaningful and rewarding careers. They are also convinced that organizations who work around the clock to make the world a better place should be able to hire top-tier professionals. Aspiring to respond to both parties’ needs, ReWork is a good-doing agency in and of itself. [ReWork]

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