Outfitting Kids in Need

Tailored for Education provides school uniforms and access to education


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A little child with a uniform.

(greenaperture / shutterstock.com)

School is one of the most important aspects of a kid’s life, providing education, stability and the potential to succeed.
In many parts of the world, school uniforms are mandatory for children’s school attendance. But unfortunately there are families who can't afford to pay for the required outfits, forcing kids to forego their education or start working at a young age.
Tailored for Education is a nonprofit that provides school uniforms to children in developing countries. Founders Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy quickly jumped to action after hearing about the need for proper school attire. Driven by their desire to eliminate this simple obstacle, and to ensure children receive a proper education, Kelly and Roy hit the ground running to outfit kids in need.
Launched in 2011, Tailored for Education works with local organizations that produce and distribute the school uniforms. As of today, 1,597 uniforms have been distributed in Haiti and El Salvador and 4,032 are in production in Kenya, Cambodia and Honduras. [Source: Tailored for Education]

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