52 Good Deeds to Make a Difference in 2020

Be the change you want to see in the world.

(Courtesy Good Deeds Day)

One good deed can lead to another, but you don't have to wait until International Good Deeds Day on March 29 to begin. Performing just one act of random kindness every week can start a revolution of kindness and make the world a better place.

Big or small, there are always things you can do to make someone smile and brighten their world. Here's a list of some we thought of at Goodnet but there are many more.   

  1.     Start a mitten tree in a local school to keep little hands warm in the winter
  2.     Donate the free gift you get with your cosmetic purchases
  3.     Give diapers to your local food bank
  4.     Bring flowers to a senior in a nursing home  
  5.     Put your change in a donation box 
  6.     Bring old blankets to an animal shelter
  7.     Talk to someone on a chat bench
  8.     Feed the birds
  9.     Shovel snow for an elderly neighbor
  10.   Sign an organ donation card  
  11.   Give an extra-large tip for your server
  12.   Leave a bottle of cold water (made from recycled plastic) for your mailman
  13.   Smile at a stranger  
  14.   Give-up your seat on the subway to a pregnant woman (or the elderly)
  15.   Donate books to literacy organizations       
  16.   Give someone a lift to a doctor's appointment
  17.   Always round-up at the register
  18.   Leave your car home and take public transportation
  19.   Send your child's teacher a thank you note
  20.   Use reusable cutlery instead of plastic  
  21.   Pay off a child's school lunch debt
  22.   Bring holiday cookies to your local fire or police station
  23.   Help organize a blood drive (and donate yourself)
  24.   Buy a flow reducing showerhead to save water
  25.   Buy a meal for a homeless person
  26.   Add your name to a bone marrow registry
  27.   Sort your recycling into papers, glass, plastic, and metals
  28.   Offset the carbon when you fly
  29.   Return someone's cart to the store
  30.   Share your umbrella
  31.   Donate a toy tor Toys for Tots
  32.   Bring get well cards to strangers in the hospital   
  33.   Leave a nice note in a library book
  34.   Water a neighbor's plants when they are away
  35.   Give money to UNICEF on Halloween
  36.   Change a flat tire for a stranded motorist  
  37.   Pay it backward and buy coffee of the person behind you in line
  38.   Collect soda can tabs to donate to Ronald McDonald House
  39.   Ask for the recipe for a homemade goodie
  40.   Hold the elevator door
  41.   Write a LinkedIn recommendation for a co-worker
  42.   Give a compliment to someone you don't know
  43.   Donate the toothbrush and toothpaste from your dental visit to a homeless shelter
  44.   Let someone with only a few items go ahead of you at the supermarket
  45.   Go Plant a tree  
  46.   Call an old friend just to say hi
  47.   Pick-up trash in a park 
  48.   Contribute to crowdfunding to help pay for medical care
  49.   Like and share on social media
  50.   Organize a prom dress or costume exchange
  51.   Thank a police officer or a firefighter for their service
  52.   Participate in International Good Deeds Day

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Goodnet was initiated by Shari Arison and is operated by The Ted Arison Family Foundation. Shari Arison is also the initiator of Good Deeds Day.