How Low Can You Go?

A Lifehacker story brings the lowdown on volunteer vacations

Volunteering on vacation.

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How to book a $1,700 vacation for $700 by volunteering, boasts the headline of Thorin Klosowski’s piece on Lifehacker. Klosowski weighs in on many of the options available for volunteer vacations, from teaching English in Russia (food and board are covered) to building a house for someone in need. A slew of organizations and initiatives that organize travel cum volunteering packages are revealed in the piece, such as Global Volunteers and GeoVisions (in the photo).
Klosowski also shares his experience from his own vacation in Hawaii, during which he worked for the American Hiking Society.
The deal: he managed to cut down the price tag from $1,650 to $700, which is quite a bargain for a Hawaii holiday.
The real deal: he did something good and useful while at it.

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