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Social Teeth provides a platform to be heard

Sep 17, 2012

Image by HowardLake on Flickr

Do you have an important message to spread, yet lack the dough to spend on a political ad? Social Teeth might be just what you are looking for. The newly launched website aims to advance grassroots media into the mainstream by providing a crowdfunding platform for media. 
On Social Teeth, a coordination with the international media company Aegis, users can submit ads with some proven clout - all media submitted must have already received over 1,000 likes, shares or tweets on social media sites. Once the ad is accepted, Social Teeth will tailor an appropriate media strategy to maximize the message, and through the site, money will be raised in an all-or-nothing model: if the funding goal is met, the ad will air alongside other major advertisements, but if it doesn’t, all donors will be refunded.
Social Teeth maintains a neutral stance, viewing themselves as a conduit to give the underdogs a voice by leveling the playing field of political discourse. [Source: Social Teeth]

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