Embellish Your Space - Beautify the World

Fresh Words Market melds design with good


Image: a print created by Rebecca Peragine, available on Fresh Words Market

Two paths - art and social mindedness  - converge into one in Fresh Words Market, Rebecca Peragine's online art store.  
The store is a treasure trove of inspirational prints that will make your heart sing. Positive messages such as Choose Happiness or Be The Good receive Peragine's artistic touch, resulting in campy and whimsical posters fit for the office or the child's room. 
Motivational statements can make a difference and bolster a proactive approach to doing good and feeling good, yet for Fresh Words Market goodness doesn't end with mere inspiration; the store  donates 10% of its proceeds to initiatives focusing on the welfare of women and children. Fresh Words Market has teamed up with a variety of nonprofits, including Future Fortified, an organization that focuses on ensuring healthy nutrition for children worldwide, and Abriendo Mentes, an initiative that cultivates educational programs in Costa Rica. 
Note that Fresh Words Market sells prints at reasonable prices - usually much lower than other online art stores. Lovely design, worthy causes and reasonable pricing? Sounds like a solid formula to beautify your space - and the world. [Source: Fresh Words Market]

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