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Watsi is a crowdfunding platform for medical treatments


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Saving lives becomes a feasible possibility on Watsi, a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform where users fund medical treatments for people in need.
The brainchild of Chase Adam, Watsi was born when Adam was travelling in Costa Rica and stumbled across a woman asking for money for her injured son. Adam knew that if he only gathered a bunch of his friends to shell out a small sum each, the Costa Rican’s son could be easily treated. Watsi was then launched as a generator of funds for medical treatments from the masses to particular people in real need: the beneficiaries’ stories are clearly outlined on the website, and good doers can see who they’re helping out with their donation.  
The Watsi folks have teamed up with partner organizations - local entities respected in their communities - to authorize the necessity of the medical treatment. Crowdfunded treatments must be low-cost - $3,000 at most - and users can fund as little as $5, which are donated in their entirety; Watsi charges no commission.
Watsi's mission - carried out in a completely transparent fashion - is a firm nod to life. [Source: Watsi]

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