South American Bling

The Andean Collection embellishes fair trade


Colorful necklaces.

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The fascinating story of The Andean Collection begins with Amanda Judge. Judge was researching her academic paper about eliminating poverty in the Andes, when she met some Ecuadorians who allowed her a glimpse into their lives. Through them she learned about the region’s longstanding tradition of creating bead jewelry from rainforest seeds.
Judge put two and two together, and founded The Andean Collection, a cross-cultural project in the most literal sense: artisans in Ecuador put their skills into work, which lifts off ground from the brand’s headquarters in New York. The result? jewelers in Ecuador are granted an opportunity to use their skills for their livelihood, while customers enjoy chunky jewelry that’s stylishly colorful. To snag a piece of Andean Collection bling, check out the store list.
Good taste - redefined.  

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