Oct 13 is TedxCity2.0

Join the movement for a better urban experience

Oct 11, 2012

2012 marked the year in which for the first time, the annual TED Prize went to an idea, not a person or invention: namely, The City 2.0.
The collaborative project was created with a goal to improve urban spaces by garnering ideas from individuals and planners alike in an effort to increase sustainability, and transform our cities into smart, citizen-oriented and beautiful living spaces.
To bring the idea home, TED is encouraging cities to host a TEDx event on October 13, themed City 2.0: A day of urban inspiration. All over the world, people will gather to speak about the cities they live in and share ideas about ways to ensure a happy and positive future for its urban dwellers. Check the event listings here and be part of making your city a better place! [Source: TED]

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