6 Amazing Adventure Vacation Ideas for the Outdoorsy Type

Go out and explore the world

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For the adventurous spirit, life begins outside of your comfort zone. The world has so many wondrous secrets waiting to be explored. Discover the unexpected in these top adventure vacation ideas around the world.

Camp in the Valley of the Moon

Wadi Rum, Jordan

During a magical visit to Jordan’s Wadi Rum, known by some as the Valley of the Moon, you can camp in the red sand desert underneath the stars like Bedouins. Adventurous travelers can go camelback riding, view the valley from a hot air balloon, take a jeep tour, or go on overnight treks into the desert. The valley cut into sandstone and granite rock hides prehistoric paintings, graffiti, and temples from former inhabitants who lived here thousands of years ago.

Stars above martian dome tents in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Stars above martian dome tents in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan (johnmarkconklin / Shutterstock.com)

Come Face to Face and Teeth to Teeth with a Great White Shark

Cape Town, South Africa

The meeting point between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean has the largest, most diverse population of sharks in the world. Get locked in a cage and slowly lowered into the ocean as 4.0 meter long (13 feet) great whites swim around you during this adrenaline-seeker’s dream. Is it ethical? Sharks have gained a reputation as a fearsome predator, when in fact humans kill up to 100 million sharks for their fins, jaws, teeth, or meat each year (that’s 20 million sharks for every one person killed by a shark). The jury is still out, but shark cage diving can promote awareness and increase efforts to reduce shark finning.

Great white shark biting the cage, False Bay, Simonstown, South Africa

Great white shark biting the cage, False Bay, Simonstown, South Africa (wildestanimal / Shutterstock.com)

Trek the World’s Tallest Mountains

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Active travelers can put their bodies to the test trekking the mighty Himalayas in Nepal, the world’s tallest mountain range. Villages dot the path with teahouses, hotels, and restaurants for rest, food, and supplies. Spend two weeks in the highest peaks on earth soaring 4000 meters (12,000 feet), that is, if you can handle the altitude!

Bright yellow tents in Mount Everest base camp, Khumbu glacier and mountains, sagarmatha national park, trek to Everest base camp

Bright yellow tents in Mount Everest base camp (Slepitssskaya / Shutterstock.com)

Go White Water Rafting in the Wilderness

Maine, United States

Much of Maine still remains untouched by civilization, making this the ideal vacation destination for adventure-seekers. The Penobscot River takes rafters through class 5 rapids along 15 miles of breathtaking wilderness floating past Mount Katahdin along the Appalachian Trail. You might catch a glimpse of a moose wading in the water or a bald eagle soaring overhead.

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Walk Above the Clouds

Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), China

As you ascend China’s Yellow Mountain, you’ll come across crystal-clear hot springs and waterfalls. Sturdy evergreen pines grow into strange shapes on top of grotesque rock formations. A sea of clouds forms around misty granite peaks soaring over 1,000 meters (3,250 feet) high. These “floating mountains” inspired many ancient Chinese paintings and literature.

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Cycle Down ‘Death Road’

La Paz, Bolivia

The Yungas Road in Bolivia is considered the world’s most dangerous road for good reason. Yungas lives up to its nickname “Death Road”, and hundreds of people perish tumbling down the mountainside each year. Why even both going then? Cyclists visit for a hair-raising adventure on mountain bikes with scenic views of lakes, tiny villages, and plenty of llamas. The “road” is actually a 12-foot wide path cut into the side of the Cordillera Oriental Mountain chain.

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