6 Last Minute Ways You Can Participate in Good Deeds Day 2019

It's not too late to get involved in Good Deeds Day on April 7.


(Courtesy Good Deeds Day)

International Good Deeds Day is happening in just a few days and there is still time to join the millions of volunteers worldwide who are doing some awesome volunteer projects. Can't find one you want to do? Too busy to plan one? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Here are six last minute projects that you can do.

1. Bring flowers to patients in the hospital or to the nurses' station

Flowers always brighten a person's day. Repurpose or buy some flowers and bring them to patients in the hospital or at a nursing home. Or buy a bouquet and show some appreciation to the nurses who dedicate their lives to taking care of people. You can also just stand on a street, by yourself or with friends, and hand them out to people who pass by and make their days brighter.

(Courtesy Good Deeds Day)

2. Pick up trash in a park or at the beach

You can do this in a group or just by yourself. Pick a local park, beach or playground and pick up the trash. Keeping our environment clean, safe, and trash free is a great way to help your community. Do a double good deed and recycle all the plastic bottles you find.

(Courtesy Good Deeds Day)

3. Go to an animal shelter and play with the puppies or kittens

The animals in local shelters love to have attention. You can go and play with the puppies and kittens or take them for walks outside. You can bring treats and toys for the furry little ones and donate food and supplies to the shelter. You may just find a special dog or cat that you want to give a forever home to.

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4. Collect and donate art supplies for children in homeless shelters

Art supplies like crayons, coloring books, markers, and crafts are loved by children of all ages. You can start a drive at work or just pick up a supply at a local dollar store. If there are no homeless shelters near you, you can bring them to a public daycare center or kindergarten.

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5. Give books to a street library or start a mini library 

Books are meant to be shared. Start a street library where you work,  in your house of worship or at a senior center with paperbacks you have already read and put up a bring one/take one sign to keep the momentum going.

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6. Collect and donate female hygiene supplies to a shelter or food bank

People often think of food when trying to come with something to give to the less fortunate. Too many girls have to miss school because they cannot afford period products. You can donate them to a homeless shelter or a food bank (they accept baby supplies too) or bring them to a local school so no girl has to be embarrassed if she doesn't have money to purchase what she needs.

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