6 Organic Spa Treatments That You Can Make at Home

Pampering for every budget.

Girls making organic spa treatments at home

Invite a friend over and turn your home into a spa for a day (Fizkes / Shutterstock.com)

Spa treatments have a great relaxation reputation - but many treatments are also more than skin-deep. For example, deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin results in a detoxification process that can boost your immune system and your overall health. With the help of this list, getting your pamper on doesn’t need to break the budget. These organic treatments can be made at home for a fraction of the spa price tag - and they’re fun, too!


Once a week, take a bath with epsom salt, a half cup of baking soda and 10 drops of essential oil of your choosing. This will not only help you unwind, but regulate your body’s stress-related hormones and balance your pH levels. Tea tree oil is a favorite, but any essential oil will do.


Bring a pot of water, lemon slices and mint to a boil. Remove it from the heat. Get yourself in a comfortable position and get your face as close as you comfortably can and cover your head with a towel to trap the steam. Steam your face for 10 minutes. This not only opens up your pores, it also brings everything to the surface.


Tea tree oil is a great solution to stubborn acne and blackheads. For really bad breakouts you can also crush up a couple of aspirin pills and make a (not-so-organic) paste with water.

Home-made spot treatments for healthy skin

Home-made spot treatments for beautiful, healthy skin (Subbotina Anna /Shutterstock.com)


Mix 1 tablespoon papaya pulp or plain yogurt, 2-3 teaspoons ground oatmeal (more for a thicker consistency), and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Apply and leave on for five minutes before rinsing with cool water.


Would you believe that strawberries have natural bleaching properties? Mash one strawberry into a pulp and apply with toothbrush - simple as that.


Try this face mask for an instant skin reviver: 1/2 teaspoon organic cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon raw honey, and 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice. Mix all together and apply and leave for a few minutes. Be careful to wash to remove, rather than scrubbing.  

An organic face mask to make at home

A fall-flavored organic face mask to make at home (wasanajai / Shutterstock.com)