Patagonia Advises Not to Buy its Products

An audacious marketing move for the planet

Winter coats.

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Corporations and retailers take proactive steps for the environment all the time, yet for a company to explicitly tell its own customers to refrain from buying its product - that takes guts. And Patagonia has it. 
Black Friday 2011 was the occasion for an ad, placed by the outdoors apparel brand, that stated "Do Not Buy this Jacket." Patagonia, who avidly encourages its clientèle to reduce environmental footprint with its Common Threads Initiative, tells customers to rethink their purchase and avoid unneeded shopping. It furthermore enables customers to shop less by offering repair, recycle and reuse services administered by the company.
With Black Friday just around the corner (coming up November 23), Patagonia's move serves as inspiration this year too. [Source: Patagonia]

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