Music as a Means to Advance Education

Hall Pass Tour inspires kids to go to college

Happy students.

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Hall Pass Tour’s high energy shows filled with hip hop, DJs and Beyonce-like vocals are not just simple entertainment; the performers and presenters are there to spread the message of the importance of pursuing higher education.
Focusing on underserved schools from grades K to 12, Hall Pass Tour journeys across the country using the medium of music and performance to encourage kids to dream big and go to college. Through workshops and after-school concerts, Hall Pass Tour harnesses the creative energy of their audience, making them an integral part of the show. Auditions are held months in advance in which students are chosen to perform in the show or co-host the concert.
By using creative and high spirited means to blast their mission, Hall Pass Tour gets kids excited about advancing their education and pursuing their dreams. [Source: Hall Pass Tour]

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