TED’s Naughty Little Sister

Creative Mornings - a network of lecture series for interesting people

A lecture in a conference hall.

(TZIDO SUN / shutterstock.com)

Creative Mornings is a lecture series geared toward creative types. The lectures, all free of charge (coffee included!), are hosted in numerous locations around the world - sites include New York, Boston, Zurich, Berlin and Capetown. True to its name, Creative Mornings' lecturers are professional creators - designers, photographers, illustrators and the like. 
The founder of Creative Mornings is Tina Roth Eisenberg, AKA Swiss Miss - a Swiss-born designer and prolific blogger. Eisenberg started Creative Mornings in New York, where she lives and works, and along with a team of driven and talented figures, she's expanded this initiative to locations all over the world.  
Called “TED for the rest of us”, the Creative Mornings initiative inspires us for being a wonderful channel for sharing knowledge and an incredible opportunity to do some networking - or simply meet awesome people. 

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