One Guitar, One Week, One Song

The Acoustic Guitar Project’s creative mission

Oct 29, 2012

Image: Screenshot of The Acoustic Guitar Project

One guitar, one week, one song—these are the guidelines of The Acoustic Guitar Project, a creative music endeavor that gives a musician a week to write and perform an original song on a guitar that is then passed from one musician to the next. The project is intended to be a platform of inspiration and creativity for musicians to flex their singer-songwriter muscles. This unique undertaking poses the challenge of writing and performing an original unedited composition in a week’s time, not such an easy task. Each performer signs the traveling guitar which has made the rounds in both New York and Finland.
The project is the brainchild of Dave Adams, an avid music enthusiast whose objective is to inspire musicians and enable them to reconnect to their creative song creating core. All music on the site is free to download.
The Acoustic Music Project has recently received funding from the Awesome Foundation’s NYC Chapter to send more guitars out into the world and bring more beautiful original music to our ears. [Source: The Acoustic Guitar Project]

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