When Citizens Become Municipal Investors

Citizinvestor realizes urban projects

Oct 30, 2012

Image: screenshot of Citizinvestor

City dwellers have a chance to take part in urban projects and campaigns on Citizinvestor. The crowdfunding platform strives to breathe a new life into dust-collecting municipal plans with the help of city citizens, who can now fund the projects they care about. Run on an all-or-nothing model, backers will only be charged for the municipal projects only if the entire fund is raised.
While projects are crowdfunded by municipalites, Citizinvestor also gives voice to individuals who care, allowing them to start petitions, calling for municipalities to attend to various matters - like fixing the fountain on Union Square in Washington, DC or installing a bike pump in Florida's St. Petersburg.
Projects and petitions are browsable by categories - from athletic facilities, art/culture, parks and more. [Source: Citizinvestor]

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