Hot Red Electric Scooters Made for the City

Scoot Networks: travel the urban jungle

Red motorcycle.

(Ivica Drusany /

Looking for an easy way to get around the city that doesn’t require a car, bus or train? Feast your eyes on Scoot Networks, the San Francisco based company that rents shared, electric, smartphone-activated motorscooters.
These hot red scooters are a quick and green way to travel through the urban jungle.  Scoots run on electricity, using only half of the power of a toaster to ride at the speed of 25 MPH. Renting a Scoot is easy and doesn’t even require a motorcycle license, only a one-time orientation. Each Scoot is insured and comes with a helmet; you just need to provide the smartphone which serves as the key, dashboard and payment method.
If Scoot is something that you’d like to see in your city, then you are in luck. The Scoot Networks team is exploring other cities to offer their services to in 2013. [Source: Scoot Networks]

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