Need to Spill Your Guts?

Spill: the online resource for anonymous peer guidance

Depressed teenager spending time alone.

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Need to get something off your chest? Looking for a sympathetic listener who can provide some sound advice? Check out Spill, an online resource to anonymously share what is on your mind and receive supportive feedback from peers.
Honesty and empathy are the key players at Spill, giving users a place to vent their frustrations or stresses in their lives. All Spills are confidential and are responded to within the day. Topics vary and are searchable by category, ranging from prejudice and loneliness to romantic relationships and finances.
Co-founded by Heidi Allstop and Michelle Lee, Spill serves as an honest outlet to confidentially receive support and understanding from people who have been in your shoes. [Source: Spill]

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