The Innovation Behind Cost Effective and Green Homes

Connect:Homes minimizes carbon footprint

A modern house.

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Connect:Homes offers up a different solution that is quite revolutionary in the home building industry: green, prefab homes that can be shipped almost anywhere in the world.
Usually shipping is one of the most expensive parts of modular homes, costing upwards to tens of thousands of dollars. But co-founders Jared Levy and Gordon Stott devised an inventive yet functional way to transport their goods: all of the homes are scaled to the size of the most commonly used shipping containers. This means that 90% of Connect:Homes are already constructed before they are shipped out, saving the new homeowner money on construction and eliminating the need for regional factories located in the proximity of the building sites.
Another nifty, cost effective feature of Connect:Homes is that the houses can be rolled straight onto the foundation, doing away with expensive cranes that can cost up to $15,000 a day.
The innovative duo at Connect:Homes has significantly minimized their carbon footprint by reducing the waste and transportation that is usually part and parcel of home construction. In return for their streamlined process, customers can expect beautifully designed homes that are green, affordable and can be built almost anywhere in the world. [Source: Connect:Homes]

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